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Halloween Clipart, Cartoons, and Pumpkin Face Ideas!
Who are the Sneaker Wearing Zombies? We are a wild bunch of party animal cartoonists and designers that think the best holiday of the year is Halloween! This will not only be the coolest Halloween website but we are going to blast you with some great information on Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves and other awesome monsters!

We're just getting started so please check back as we begin loading the site with the best darn scary stuff online!

Halloweenology - The Art of Halloween
The October 31st Holiday

The Sneaker Wearing Zombies are proud to bring you the most definitive website devoted to Halloween and Monsters. Browse our collection of Halloween information, printables and graphics. You'll find everything from fun to gross and cute to scary.

Cartoon Halloween Clip Art

Enjoy our fresh collection of Halloween images ready to be used on your blog, website or Facebook status. Celebrate the spooky holiday with these fun, colorful graphics created by Curtoons and Curtis D. Tucker.

#1. Pumpkin Clip Art

Free Halloween Pumpkin Clip Art PicturePumpkins are great for the Halloween holiday! We've created a funny cartoon smiling pumpkin that's ready to go. Spice up your blog or add some holiday spirit to your October newsletter with a few of our cartoon graphics.

Most kids have grown up carving or coloring jack-o-lanterns as a family tradition and they've become an crucial part of the Halloween holiday. Our family loves visiting the local church pumpkin patch in the Fall and we always bring home a variety of funny orange characters.

Vector $4.99

Free Frankenstein Clip Art Graphic#2. Frankenstein Picture

Frankenstein is an iconic monster, so we couldn't leave him out of this scary clip art gallery. The creepy green guy with bolts sticking out of his neck can be found in books, movies, plays and now on your website or blog!

Use the free GIF graphic, or for a small price, purchase our cartoon vector Frankenstein picture. We believe Frank offers an awesome addition to any Halloween theme. Frankenstein was created by author Mary Shelley, a writer in the 1800's.

Vector $4.99

Free Ghost Clip Art Graphic#3. Ghost in Sneakers Clip Art

Enjoy our ghost in sneakers Halloween picture! This very cute design would be perfect for a teachers website, school blog or educational newsletter. Ghosts are major characters in spooky settings and most every Halloween project.

Most kids remember at least one friend throwing an old white sheet over their heads and using it as a cheap party costume. We hope you enjoy this fun design and hope you'll tell your friends about our funny pictures.

Vector $4.99

#4. Funny Bat Graphic

Free Goofy Bat Clip Art GraphicHalloween black bats don't have to be scary and ours most certainly is not. This funny cartoon bat won't put the fear in anyone but does make an excellent image to help celebrate Halloween. The vector art for this bat can be used on t-shirts, greeting cards and also posters.

Make your next Halloween marketing piece special with any of our funny cartoon graphics. One of our favorite TV shows is Ghost Hunters if you're looking for a Halloween related show.

Vector $4.99

Free Cartoon Zombie Clip Art Graphic#5. Cartoon Zombie Image

Every Halloween holiday needs an army of crazy looking zombies. Our zombie may not be the scariest be he could be the wackiest. This cartoon graphic of the undead is so funky it's almost cute. Ignore the brains showing at the top of his head and use this image on your next spooky promotional piece.

If you're into zombies as much as we are you shoudl check out the movie Zombieland or the TV show The Walking Dead. You'll find plenty of zombie love with either show.

Vector $4.99

#6. Silly Witch Clip Art

Free Witch Clip Art GraphicWitches have been very strong characters during the Halloween season so we thought we needed to add a good one to our holiday collection. She's not pretty but she sure is cute. Feel free to use this witch picture on your Facebook profile or any of the other places you might need a face icon.

Purchase the vector art and use it on your next printed holiday piece. One of our top pics for witch movies is Hocus Pocus and we watch it every year.

Vector $4.99

#7. Cartoon Skull Graphic

Free Funny Skull Clip Art ImageAlthough most skull images are pretty plain, we've tried to add a bit of humor to our not so scary graphic. Skeletons have been a part of Halloween since the beginning so we wanted to include at least one image into this group.

Keep checking back and we'll soon have an entire skeleton design added. When thinking of skeleton costumes we always think back to the ones used in the original Karate Kid movie. Enjoy the spooky holidays!

Vector $4.99

#8. Black Cat Clip Art

Free Black Cat Clip Art GraphicWe weren't able to created a scary black cat but we did draw up a funny one. Our Halloween graphics are not meant to scare but rather to entertain and enlighten. The black cat face is iconic when it comes to Hallows Eve. We can all envision an arched back cat sitting on top of an alley fence.

Stay in touch and we'll let you know when we add a full bodied cat to our portfolio. We know you'll think this design is purr -fect!

Vector $4.99

Free Devil Clip Art Picture#9. Red Devil Cartoon Image

The devil is not a major part of Halloween but he's about as close as a character can get. Our cartoon devil isn't mean but rather a bit silly. Use him along with a couple of our other images and you'll have a perfect assortment of spooky graphics. The vector image is great for printing party invitations, posters and signs.

One of our favorite little cartoon devils from our youth was a comic book character named Hot Stuff.

Vector $4.99

Free Cartoon Monster Clip Art Graphic#10. Funny Monster Clip Art

This crazy character is just a random monster image. We don't think you can have enough monsters when it comes to promoting any Halloween project or event. Feel free to use the GIF image on your blog or purchase the vector design for a publication.

You can easily change colors on any of our high resolution image files. The $4.99 price includes JPEG, PNG and EPS files. Purchase your today!

Vector $4.99

All 10 Vector Halloween Images - $24.99

Vector Halloween Clip Art Graphics

SPECIAL! 50% OFF! Get all 10 Halloween clip art images PLUS an extra graphic, all on one sheet!

I'll send you a single vector EPS file and you can pick and choose your favorite images.

Get yours today!

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